There are 2 types of premium shoe care creams in the leather care kit to choose from, a mild transparent cream & an application liquid shine in a sponge.

Whether you choose the cream or liquid shine sponge depends on the type of finish you want.

A cream polish will provide less shine but also moisturizes the leather as it is absorbed. Beware; cream polish can also affect the leather’s color slightly.

A liquid shine sponge, on the other hand, will add a layer of shine, cover scuffs and protect the leather. Insert the paper stuff in the footwear at all time when not in use or while cleaning, as it will give you a firm surface to work on. Clean the pairs with a slightly damp cotton / muslin
cloth. Carefully cover the pair with ‘premium shoe shine or shoe cream’ as per the need. Rub a cotton ball in circular motion on the pair. Allow time to dry (Approx. 20 min

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